Seminars and articles

AfNWA and AfAS have been presented during the two invited seminars organised by: 1) Keele University, UK, in May, and 2) Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands, in June. Important visibility to AfNWA and AfAS has been given among the international community during these two seminars, as well as to the current status of women in astronomy …

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Jocelyn Bell Inspiration Medal given to AfNWA Co-founder Prof. Mirjana Povic

This medal celebrates Mirjana’s inspirational work and was awarded at the European Astronomical Society annual meeting in June 2021. Mirjana gave a plenary presentation that was attended by more than 550 participants. She inspired the audience, by giving them a picture on how Astronomy can be used in Africa to contribute to the Sustainable Development …

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Growing International exposure for AfNWA

AfNWA was presented during the opening Plenary of the Africa-EU Science and Innovation Summit in June 2021. The event was attended by nearly 200 people. This event and others are a great opportunity grow the membership of AfNWA. The event included a range of themes, including Health, Medicine, Life Sciences, Geoscience, ICT, Digital Transformation, the …

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Special Sessions at the 6th East African Astronomical Society Workshop

Two special sessions on women in science have been organised under the 6th East African Astronomical Society Workshop and the Africa-EU Science and Innovation Summit, held virtually in May and June, respectively. More than 50 participants from Africa, Europe, and the rest of the world attended each of the sessions. The two organised sessions gave more …

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AfNWA Special Session at AfAS2021

We were lucky to host a Special Session about AfNWA at the Annual Conference of the African Astronomical Society. This gave us a lot of food for thought and input from participants. It also cemented our conviction of being open to anyone wishing to join the network, not just women. Below is the description of …

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Presentation of AfNWA at the IAU Symposium 367

The 367th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union is themed “Education and Heritage in the Era of Big Data in Astronomy”. AfNWA was presented by Prof. Mirjana Povic in the context of her overview talk about the state of Astronomy in Africa. See below for a recording.