The main objectives of AfNWA are to:

  • strengthen and promote female participation in astronomy in Africa,
  • bring together women that work in astronomy in Africa,
  • strengthen the links between female researchers, share in an easier way any relevant information, strengthen collaborations, etc.,
  • strengthen support and supervision between senior and young female astronomers,
  • explore the ways to retain women in astronomy,
  • promote astronomy, space science, and science in general within young girls for empowering them to do science,
  • give more visibility to the work that female astronomers are doing in Africa, and that African female astronomers are doing around the globe,
  • strengthen research and leadership capacities of female astronomers, and
  • ensure female participation in the current and future developments of astronomy and science in Africa.

Upon setting up AfNWA, we put together a 3-year plan of action, which was then approved by the African Astronomical Society, of which we are a part. Our main activities will revolve around:

  • The creation of the AfNWA network.
  • Organisation of courses and trainings for improving research and leadership skills of women in astronomy in Africa.
  • Giving visibility to women in astronomy and related fields in Africa through: yearly published reports, newsletters, website, organisation of public talks, public communications, etc.
  • Follow-up of the professional path of women in astronomy and related fields in Africa.
  • Support of research activities of women in astronomy and related fields through: supervisions of MSc and PhD female students, joint research projects, joint grant proposals, etc.
  • Organisation of 2 annual awards for early-career and senior female researcher in astronomy and related fields in Africa.
  • Organisation and participation in outreach and public awareness activities for promoting science through astronomy and for inspiring more girls to do STEM fields.

2020 – 2023 Plan of activities