Tribute to Carolina ÖdMAN

It’s with heavy hearts that we learnt of the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Carolina Odman, on 15 November 2022.  Carolina was a founding member of the African Network for Women in Astronomy (AfNWA) and a serving member of the AfNWA board.  She has been a powerful force in our community, advocating for …

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New board member: Ms. Salma Sylla Mbaye

We are thrilled to welcome a new member to our board, who will strengthen the presence of West Africa in AfAS – AfNWA. With a background in atomic and nuclear physics, Ms. Salma Sylla Mbaye is currently doing her PhD in astrophysics, making her the first astrophysicist in her home country, Senegal. She used her …

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Celebrating World Space Week Oct 04 – 10 2021

To get a glimpse of African women working in Astronomy and Space, we invite you to browse through the presentation below. AfNWA World Space Week 4 10 oct. 2021 from Carolina Ödman-Govender